Ken Gerberick, originally from St. Louis, Mo. studied Art at Forest Park College there in 1966-67, before heading to San Francisco. In 1969 he came up to Vancouver Island, where he built a cabin surrounded by his first (and still existing) site specific automotive installation. In 1978 he moved to Victoria to study with Jack Wise at Victoria College of Art for three semesters, a life changing experience. In 1984 he moved to Vancouver and opened KRAK studio where he worked on large mixed media canvases, found object assemblages, and neon installations. Sadly, this studio was lost to fire in 2004. Ken subsequently relocated to Hungry Thumbs Studio at 233 Main St. where he continues to do paintings, assemblages and constructing installations. In 1990 he created his 1st ART CAR and now has build ten of them, driving them to shows all over North America.

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